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The Olde Pickle Factory is an industrial and office park, composed of 14 buildings, totaling approximately 400,000 sq. ft, stretching across 26 acres. Most buildings are equipped with 800 AMPS and 3 inch high pressure gas mains. 

The success of the Olde Pickle Factory Industrial Complex is in part due to its excellent location and its access to an abundantly qualified and affordable workforce that has serviced the growth of the organizations occupying space in the complex. Serving a multitude of industries and providing meaningful employment, the complex holds significant value exemplified in both its past, present and future.




1899 - 1969

Heinz considered this area superb for the obtaining of apples for vinegar and apple butter and tomatoes for ketchup.  The operation began in 1899 with the building of a salting room for pickling cucumbers and this was quickly expanded to include a press room boiler room and vinegar storage building, plus apple bins for 30,000 bushels each.

Over the next five decades the plant, which began off the west side of Genesee Street next to the railroad, grew quite steadily. The one item, pickles was augmented over the years with other products, such as tomatoes, spinach, strained baby food and so forth.  

The explosive growth of Heinz was mirrored by an unstoppable, business-driven spread to the settlement of Medina. The original 19 streets which Medina boasted in 1900 became a total of 43 streets by 1909, then an incredible leap to 75 in 1915 and 85 by 1927. Heinz was one of the community’s signature industries and its management staff represented a cross section of some of the most capable and loyal local people. Hundreds worked on production line and at harvest season there were calls for hundreds more as part-timers. H.J. Heinz Co. until 1963.


1969 - 1995

In 1969, Fisher-Price announced that the toy company would occupy 200,000 sq. ft. of the complex. Machinery and equipment were moved in with production scheduled to begin in early 1970. F-P first leased the bulk of the former Heinz buildings. Soon, an outright purchase of the property was negotiated. The first goal was to produce 3.5 million toys during 1970. Conversion of the Heinz complex to the needs of F-P required the construction of additional space. The first was a 20,000 sq. ft. link build between the west red brick building on Park Ave. and the center structure, built in 1970. A year later a 40,000 sq. ft. section was added to the SW side of the same west building. In the Spring of 1995, machinery needed to begin the production of the Outdoor Play Equipment, was installed in the far western block, two-story exterior addition was built on the Park Ave. side of the combined warehouses, where several loading bays had been located.
Late in 1973, new office space was provided by an addition to the NW corner for the same west building. That year also, a huge warehouse was built on land west of the former Heinz property. The Medina plant was one of three Fisher-Price plants producing Outdoor Play Equipment.


1995 - 2012

In 1995, the property was purchased by Roger Hungerford, owner of SIGMA International.  Moving his infusion pump business to this complex, using around 50,000 sq. ft., with plans to develop the remaining 400,000 sq. ft. as an industrial park. This venture generated several hundred new jobs in the old Heinz/F-P compound.

SIGMA developed and manufactured smart infusion pump technology including the Spectrum™ large volume pump (LVP), which provides advanced safety and clinician-friendly features.

The Spectrum Infusion System is an advanced platform of smart infusion pumps manufactured by SIGMA International. Weighing approximately 2.5 pounds and measuring 1/10 the size of many other large volume pumps, the Spectrum LVP is small and easy to use and features technology intended to help reduce infusion-related adverse drug events. The Spectrum smart infusion system also offers wireless connectivity to simplify the transfer of data to and from the devices for updating drug libraries as well as analysis for continuous quality improvement.

Baxter International Inc. announced in 2012 it has exercised its option and completed the purchase of SIGMA International General Medical Apparatus, LLC. In 2009, Baxter entered into an agreement with SIGMA for the exclusive global distribution of its infusion pumps, a 40 percent equity stake in SIGMA, and an option to purchase the remaining 60 percent of SIGMA.

As of today, Baxter Healthcare continues to manufacture the SIGMA Spectrum Infusion Pump in The Olde Pickle Factory renting a portion of the complex.


2012 - Present

Several millions have been invested in the property to maintain it as a state of the art facility for doctor offices, warehouse space, manufacturing and distribution facilities for a multiple of companies.

The Olde Pickle Factory ownership hasn't changed since 1995, owned by what is now Talis Equity (TE). Talis Equity is a private investment firm based in The Olde Pickle Factory. Located in Suite 201, Talis Equity provides VC Capital, Operating Principles, and Strategy to early stage companies in the transformative technology space. 

Talis Equity is focused on expanding their portfolio of technology driven startups or newly founded companies that serve a 'higher purpose' to society while meeting their investment criteria. Currently, Talis Equity is invested in Talis Clinical a Cleveland area based SaaS clinical software development company. We are also invested in Velocitii a Medina based SaaS company specializing in expanding markets for its clients. Velocitii is located in The Olde Pickle Factory. Ownership renovated a portion of the complex to develop a modern call center and office atmosphere for the startup. 

Going beyond investment in early stage startups, Talis Equity is fully vested in the unique and beautiful buildings found throughout the small community of Medina.  Their real estate investments consist of The Olde Pickle Factory industrial complex (1899), the former Medina High School (1924), a beautiful historic Italian villa built in 1861, and the  the up and coming Bent's Opera House in the historic Main Street district.

Mustang City, the name given to the former Medina High School by Talis Equity, is currently under renovation. Talis Restoration, a division of TE, occupies a portion of the building with their historic window restoration shop. Their initial project is to restore every one of the 300 windows in the building. 

Talis Equity bought Bent's Opera House in 2016 with plans for a complete restoration. Construction is underway to revitalize the 155-year-old mammoth sandstone building to be an architecturally authentic regional event space, where people can eat, sleep and gather. Bent's Opera House was an arts-and-culture hub on Medina's Main Street in the mid-to-late 1800s. The opera house welcomed entertainers such as P.T. Barnum and "Buffalo Bill" Cody inside its extravagant third-floor theater. Negatively affected by the rise of movie theaters, its first floor turned into a pharmacy and a grocery store. Until 2010, it was a Bank of America. The team is currently deep into renovations -- updating the town through frequent social media posts. The first floor will be a farm-to-table restaurant; the second will have 10 boutique hotel rooms. The third-floor auditorium was largely left alone for the past century and a half, so Hungerford is keeping it as true to the original design as possible. Plans to open are in Spring 2020.


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